TEP Learning Academy is the training arm of The Education Partnership Centre. The academy was instituted as a platform to provide capacity development services to individuals and organisation working in the development and allied sector and to strengthen the work done within the development space.

As an organisation, TEP Centre has developed skill and competence in various areas as it delivers quality service to her clients, partners, donors, grantees and other beneficiaries of her services. The TEP Learning academy therefore leverages on the wealth of experience, proven track record and skill garnered over the years of TEP Centre's practice to design, develop and deliver well researched course tittles and contents that gives our participants the right knowledge and exposure to the subject area.

TEP Learning Academy runs its training in 2 forms

  1. Open Enrollment Workshop Series: The Academy calls for enrollment for pre-defined courses, dates and duration based on her training calendar.
  2. Bespoke Workshop: The Academy receives request for tailored designed training, delivered and designed with specification to the clients need and specifications.

We are working to add others forms of learning services such as Open mentor-ship sessions, Meet and greet meeting etc.

The Academy currently offers training in courses including Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (Basic & Advanced), Intervention Scaling up, Proposal development and Fund raising. Other proposed courses include but not limited to Test development Training, Communications, Data Analysis and Technique.

Current Happenings

TEP Learning Academy has since inception held the Open enrollment workshop series and Bespoke Workshops in Lagos and Abuja with over 80 participants and well over 50 organizations within the development sector represented. The Academy run courses in Basic Introduction to Monitoring Evaluation and Learning at different times and is introducing new courses to the list of learning services.