NICE (National Innovation Collaborative for Education)

NICE is a membership organisation comprising private, non-governmental and civil society entities that pool their resources to facilitate collaborative learning and drive educational advancements. Emerging from the roots of NEDIS, the primary mission of NICE is to establish a robust platform for educational initiatives that promote co-creation, knowledge sharing, and the championing of innovative educational solutions across specific focus areas.

In 2019, EdMeets initiative was conceived. EdMeets serves as an invaluable nexus for education experts and stakeholders within the state and non-state sector, forging synergies aimed at enhancing and fortifying access to high-quality education through their collective efforts. Notably, EdMeets Tech successfully convened tech and education experts, fostering the proliferation of ground-breaking education innovations. Equally, EdMeets Foundational Learning played a pivotal role in addressing the challenges associated with foundational learning, a cornerstone in the realm of education.

NICE has orchestrated and executed a commendable series of over 15 editions of the TEP webinar series. These webinars have consistently provided a platform for in-depth discussions on a wide spectrum of issues prevalent within the education sector.

Access recent editions of the NCE webinar below:

June 2023 edition – Inequalities in post-primary education in Nigeria

August 2023 edition – Barriers to higher education

September 2023 edition – Redefining the role of tertiary educators in Nigeria

October 2023 edition – Exploring the role of pedagogy in early childhood education