research | assessment | monitoring and evaluation

The Challenge: Investment in what works in the education sector is urgently needed; strong evidence is of central importance in informing policy and programming decisions across all agencies and organisations working within education systems. Robust research and evaluation generates the evidence required to form sound judgements, deliberate available options and make intelligent decisions about how to spend scarce financial resources. Programmes taken to scale should be based on rigorous evidence and evaluation.

Our Approach: TEP Centre’s approach puts data users at the centre of all efforts. We develop tools — such as the LEARNigeria assessment test tools, and monitoring and evaluation metrics for the ON-Nigeria accountability programme — in a way that is designed to solve well-articulated and practical challenges that decision makers face, while also transforming raw data into insights that can be used to inform action.

Our Results: We have carried out robust research and evaluation to generate the evidence required to form judgments, deliberate options and make intelligent decisions for the non-state and public sector actors respectively in order to inform/influence policy and implement evidence-based impact interventions.