NEDIS (The Education Innovation Summit)

Basic education in Nigeria is facing a broad range of challenges which have contributed to the nation’s failure to achieve the now-expired Millennium Development Goals for education and will make it harder to achieve the education targets associated with the new Sustainable Development Goals. Despite efforts to improve the educational system in Nigeria, learning outcomes have shown little progress for the country, with over 10 million Nigerian children are out of school. On the positive side, innovations to improve education, particularly in the non-state sector, are continually emerging. Many of these interventions are focused on increasing access to quality education. While these interventions are very promising, the reach of most is often limited to initial project areas and even fewer go on to influence and become institutionalised in the larger system. An estimated “100-year gap” exists between education levels in developed and developing countries.

Our Approach: NEDIS was initiated in 2015 as a platform to highlight the role of education innovations in solving the challenges facing the delivery of accessible and high-quality education. The summit has become a key event in the regional education event calendar, convening stakeholders from government, research and academia, development and funding organisations, corporations, civil society organisations and a broad range of education innovators for two days of rich discourse, knowledge sharing, learning, capacity development and networking. Past NEDIS events have attracted participation from several countries including Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States of America, Kenya, The Netherlands, Ghana, Cameroon, Benin Republic, and Malaysia amongst others.

Result: TEP Centre has brought together over a thousand education stakeholders, in the last 5 years, to discuss and implement systematic approaches to scaling up education interventions that can lead to increased access to quality education. A community of innovators, National Innovation Collaborative for Education (NICE), has also been birth to ensure sustainability of these interventions. It is organised as a Pan-African event with participation from global and regional institutions, and private sector organisations and institutions.