TEP Monthly Webinars

TEP Monthly Webinar: May Edition- Advancing Inclusive Education in Africa

The Education Partnership Centre (TEP Centre) hosted a highly impactful webinar themed “Advancing Inclusive Education in Africa,” featuring prominent voices in the field of inclusive education. The event brought together Mr. Hussein Ally Hussein, Disability and Inclusion Specialist at Ubongo Edutainment, and Mr. Michael Thompson Showunmi, Founder of Raising Star Africa Foundation, who shared their expertise and insights on promoting inclusive education across the continent.

The webinar, part of TEP Centre’s ongoing efforts in alignment with the African Union’s Year of Education, aimed to address the challenges and opportunities in creating equitable education systems for all learners, regardless of their background, abilities, or circumstances. The discussions were centred around developing policies that promote inclusive practices, ensuring gender balance, and providing quality education for children with disabilities.

During the event, Mr. Hussein Ally Hussein emphasised the need for a comprehensive approach to inclusive education. “We must adopt multifaceted strategies that address the specific needs of children and persons with disabilities,” said Hussein. He stressed the importance of involving those directly affected in policy discussions to craft tailored solutions that genuinely meet their needs. “It is crucial to train educators who are equipped to support and foster the educational development of children with disabilities,” he added.

Mr. Michael Thompson Showunmi highlighted the significance of community engagement and awareness. “Educating parents, guardians, and community stakeholders is essential for the effective representation and support of children with special needs,” Showunmi remarked. He called for increased visibility of disabled stakeholders and influencers who can advocate for equal opportunities in education, success, and life for children with disabilities. “Creating widespread awareness and shifting societal attitudes towards inclusion are vital steps in this process,” he said.

The webinar also focused on leveraging technology to create inclusive learning environments. Participants discussed innovative tools and resources that cater to diverse learning styles and abilities, ensuring all students can actively engage in the educational process.

As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, TEP Centre showcased its decade-long commitment to enhancing educational outcomes through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions. The Centre’s efforts have consistently aimed at fostering inclusive, quality education across Africa, making significant strides in addressing educational disparities and promoting equity.

The event concluded with a live Q&A session, allowing participants to engage directly with the speakers and delve deeper into the practical aspects of implementing inclusive education strategies.

TEP Centre remains dedicated to driving inclusive education initiatives and will continue to host such critical conversations to inspire change and promote equitable learning environments for all children in Africa.