How We Work

We work with the public, private and non-state sectors to create strong systems that will ensure quality improvements in the education sector.

We do this by do this by exploring and generating evidence to decipher the specific issues in the system, engaging with the relevant stakeholders to develop solutions, and executing on these solutions to create lasting change. Learn more below.

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TEP Centre carries out robust research and evaluation to generate the evidence required to form judgments, deliberate options and make intelligent decisions for the non-state and public sector actors respectively in order to inform/influence policy and implement evidence-based impact interventions.

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Over the years, we have been able to create lasting partnerships with both the public and non-state sectors. We have also led a number of advocacy programmes such as the LEARNigeria Advocacy programme, and the ON-Nigeria Awareness and Validation exercises, to educate on the needed interventions in the education space.

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We have been able to establish structured learning systems that is helping education stakeholders – policy makers, administrators, teachers, etc. – to strategically develop sustainable ways of improving learning outcomes in the education sector.