Returning to Learning in a pandemic

Returning to Learning in a pandemic

Children’s learning takes place largely in school where interactions between teacher snd students can happen. The pandemic has altered this teaching-learning process and we cannot pretend that the long-term consequence of this won’t stare us in the face if we do nothing.

During this conversational webinar, we would look at the role of the different stakeholders in the education of a child and how each group can take their place while also reinforcing that learning is not a place but an activity. Therefore, support must be provided across all levels of a child’s learning. We would get perspectives from school owners, teachers and parents alike. School owners will learn from each others’ expertise and experience while also gaining insights on how to facilitate “returning to learning” in their own schools while teachers and parents will receive/share inspiration on how to become better facilitators of learning for their wards and students.

This webinar is open to school owners, teachers, parents, guardians and development sector practitioners designing and implementing learning programmes.

Date: Tuesday 23 March, 2021

Time: 11 AM WAT

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