NICE Launches Education Unscripted Podcast Series

NICE Launches Education Unscripted Podcast Series

Education in Africa is faced with a lot of challenges but also fraught with a lot of opportunities. As the continent with the world’s largest youth population. Nigeria, the continent’s largest population, still has the world’s highest number of out-of-school children and learning outcomes are largely poor. In the midst of these challenges, there has been a rise in innovations committed to increasing access to quality education on the continent. To understand the interesting dynamics within the African education landscape, it is important to engage the actors at the frontlines and behind-the-scenes.

Education Unscripted is therefore poised to be the gateway channel for discussing education issues in Nigeria and Africa from a nuanced, data-driven and culturally-relevant perspective. The podcast is an expression of the National Innovation Collaborative for Education (NICE) which is a knowledge-sharing and co-creation community that fosters sustainable engagements in the education sector.

As a community of education innovators, NICE consistently engages with a range of actors and issues related to education both in Africa and the world. Through this podcast, NICE will share learnings and experiences with a wider audience by addressing thought-provoking and diverse issues relevant to the African education space ranging from curriculum and inclusive education, to the role of technology in accelerating education as well as other pressing issues.

Education Unscripted is available on here.

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