Day: Friday June 14th, 2024

ICAN 2022

ICAN 2022 The International Common Assessment of Numeracy (ICAN) is a new assessment tool developed in 2019 to provide a comparable and affordable test for the Global South. ICAN 2022 built on the experiences of country-based Citizen-Led Assessments and was conducted in households across Kenya,

Daara Development Academy

Daara Development Academy Daara Development Academy is a pan-African program supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, aimed at enhancing our capacity to deliver learning programs that build foundational competencies in children. TEP Centre is one of 11 experts, locally led

Our Work on PLANE

Our Work on PLANE The Partnership for Learning for All in Nigeria (PLANE) is a seven-year, £95 million program funded by the UK Government, aimed at creating a more inclusive and effective education system in Nigeria. The goal of PLANE is to achieve the shared commitment of the Government of